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rollenzekson wrote:

I know it says polygons for what we are limited to, but I have been told by industry artists that polys means Tri's and not polygons. I have been sticking to using Tri's for my poly counts so far, but if I could get away with actual poly's I could add a ton more resolution on some models.

Also would submitting a model that has been multi-res'd be kosher?

Correct.  Faces and polys are technically triangles.  I believe most obj exporters output tris.  Hence the value of double checking face counts by re-importing objs prior to submission.


I'm still working on the second question. The first guy I asked wasn't completely sure what “multi-res’” means.  There is a multi-res modifier in 3DS Max.  As long as the exported obj meets requirements, he didn't see a problem with it. Is this the right "multi-res"?

Another piece of advice was to export your model, then re-import it. See if it still meets your intended target. Apparently there are a number of potential issues which can be identified through this practice.

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