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Lots of people are saying get used to not having crazy wdb or relying on that. The problem is these changes were not balanced at all. Rangers and assassin's who for a while now have not been reliant on auto attack got the scout % increase to their already high dmg abilities. Bards got the same % damage bonus but our wdb is cut in half or even 1/4 of what it used to be. The % damage increase on bard cas Is laughable. Even if all bard spells and cas were doubled across the board they still wouldn't be in good shape. They need to remove cap of wdb or find another way to balance bards. It is super disappointing that my character with better gear AND beta buffs significantly underperformed my current live character. What is there to look forward to? My BC buff that gives already powerful assassin's 600 or 700 potency? Joy.
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