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Fyreflyte wrote:

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I would still suggest some kind of text clue for what needs to be done.  Nothing is apparent atm except he "glows" a little bit, (which is difficult to see with performance settings turned down) or you have to keep a constant eye for the buff icon to show up.  And as someone else mentioned, I have also had him turn "purple" instead of red or blue.

There are quite a few text clues, both during the combat and gleaned from the 3 injured draconians just outside the room. I admit this one takes more experimentation than normal to figure out, but that's part of what keeps these zones interesting =) I've allowed you to play with the pillars before engaging the boss, so you can safely get a handle on their function.

I got tired of this fight after a couple of pulls, burned one, then looked at it again. The whole fight is timing. If you are doing it right, he NEVER regens. Just saying. Prediction is the name of the game. The mob does the same pattern every time. Got down to killing him in under a minute 30 after the (5th!) time he popped on me. I dunno if you ever fixed it btw, Fyreflyte, but he was repopping after about 7 minutes of sitting in zone once he died for me the other night.

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