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ok i finally figured this out and beat him somehow, and im by no means uber. u basically gotta watch his buffs and when u see the red one set the beams to blue, when u see his blue buff set beams to red. each time drag him back to the center and get him debuffed fast. when he has no buffs let the dps fly! bring power pots and tinkered mana buffs if ur doing this solo. get them buffs off as fast as humanly possible and just grind him down when he has none. they changed it wednesday so he dont buff quite as fast, according to update notes...still seems incredibly fast to me tbh.

one thing of note to watch for is idk if this is a bug? but sometimes the beams cross he turns purple and 2 beams diagonally are blue and 2 diagonally are red. go to one color or another and change it so all 4 are the desired color so that the beams work right and u can debuff him properly. u gotta see the rays flowin in the center.

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