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if the red stance doesn't heal him, then his natural regen is pretty high.

here's pretty much exactly how my fight went the 3rd time:

triggers the statue.

burn him till he turns red stance on. drag him to the pillar to switch it to the red beam. in the time I do that, he's healed prolly 2-3%..and yes, he still does the knockups.

drag him to the center, get the message it's stripping his buff. he's prolly healed about 5% now. I get about 2 seconds fo damage time before he goes blue.

drag him back while he's healing...switch polarities. drag him back up...and I'm paractually back to starting over again.

then I notice that not only does he have the blue buff, but he's got the red one too. so as soon as the bluff one pops off, it's drag him back to switch polarities to red. by now he's fully healed.

pretty much rinse repeat that last line there until eventually my mana/patience runs out and I die or just quit.

and honestly soloing him with a conjy is a nght and day difference then trying to solo him with a paladin. a conjy is basically a group of 2 without a merc. Tank pet him up there and you click the pillars...burning him down between clicks. and even if you use the mage pet, I bet it can keep him in place/off you while you run and click the pillars before you go back and kill him some more.

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