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Twyxx wrote:

Nobody is saying ranger dps isn't good.  It's just that it's the same as the other dps classes without bringing as much to the raid as the others.  So having a ranger in your raid is fine, but if all else is equal (gear/quality of player) then the raid is better off with any of the other ones.

That's it in a nutshell. Lucky for me quality of player isn't exactly easy to find.

Xaiveir wrote:

One thing that i thought could be added to Rangers to make them more viable in raids, and would also be nothing super over powering, would be adding a Coercive shout type ability.  It would make them perfect for OT groups with the adds that we have seen recently with the mem wipe/co-op strike.

If the last few encounters in PoW are any indication, and if perhaps clarified by the devs a bit more, our Natures Focus group buff may draw more demand especially if they added strikethrough to it. If the mobs in future content have the avoidance of teku and commanders a group buff that increases accuracy and strikethrough could actually be in demand for a melee group.

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