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frggr wrote:

Would love to hear your thoughts on this as I realize my view is limited based on the guild I'm in and its players. 

In my guild we have five t1s that I would say are all incredibly close in ability.  Assassin, ranger, beastlord and two warlocks.  There are some fights that favor each class (high movement, big named aoe like eriak for ranger or pile of adds like berik/tagrin for the locks).  Overall, though, if you gave everyone the same group setup on an average fight that didn't favor any one class then it would be beastlord slightly above the predators which would be slightly above the warlocks.  Other guilds have wizards and summoners that parse in that range as well.

Nobody is saying ranger dps isn't good.  It's just that it's the same as the other dps classes without bringing as much to the raid as the others.  So having a ranger in your raid is fine, but if all else is equal (gear/quality of player) then the raid is better off with any of the other ones.

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