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Ranger's rock - definitely have issues that dev's could easily correct - but overall I've loved Ranger's since I first rolled one in EQ. If you want to raid as Ranger #1 learn your class  - this means constantly learning and trying new things to improve, show up and don't slack - your dps should be high enough for most raiding guilds to appreciate.

I play a Ranger in Night Masks on Oasis and would like to point out something I have noticed, if you see similar or drastically different zonewide parses I'd like to hear - this is solely based on my experience and is something I've been curious about for awhile.

I have noticed in most named and zonewide raid parses out of the scout dps and sometimes mage dps in raid I am typically #1 zonewide, if not almost always top 3. So when I look at ACT graphs it's very evident atleast the way I play that Rangers do high dps consistently and can maintain that high dps indefinitely - atleast until we run out of arrows. My Ranger's dps graph goes up and stays up , does not dip down very much unless there's a break in fight for whatever reason. Other scout dps (and mage) graphs clearly show more spike damage, much more fluctuation which brings me to conclude a well played ranger is going to give the most steady, consistent scout dps. Theoretically, if it were possible to stack CA's etc I'm willing to bet an all Ranger scout group would put out the most consistent dps of any scout group combinations and the longer the fighter the more this will show. It's the old race between a tortoise and a hare except in this race SOE made the tortoise 10x the size of the hare to keep things equal. 

If my thinking is correct here having atleast 1 Ranger is very valuable asset to a raid, in fights when other melee's are running around for position a good ranger should still be doing wicked dps and should also thinking 2 steps ahead of where he should be positioned next, minimizing any drops in dps. 

Would love to hear your thoughts on this as I realize my view is limited based on the guild I'm in and its players. 

Abada Moonwood

92 Ranger - Oasis
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