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The_Cheeseman wrote:

Ahh rangers. Since EQ1 they've had a certain... reputation. Here are a few of my favorite pearls of wisdom:

Hah.  Need to figure out a way to get "Ranger down!!" in there.  I went back to EQ for a bit a few months ago, and seeing "Taunt" in my spell book made me snicker.  On the other hand, I got a tell shortly after logging in, asking me to join an exp grinding group, which hadn't happened to my cleric.  But that's pretty typical for EQ - people often only wanted a cleric for hard stuff, and didn't want them for grinding.

But back on topic, I still think that the devs won't buy any solution that increases a ranger's ability to solo vs. assassin, so I don't think that anything that increases dps will be acceptable to them.  With that caveat, I'd like to see rangers get a hate transfer first.  Second would be some more utility, preferably some weakened version of abilities of our cousin scouts, the bards, and something useless to us solo (to increase chances of approval from the devs), such as a rez or mana regen.

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