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Fixed a bug where some NPCs would not follow other NPCs like they should when out on patrol.

Brokenskull Bay: Spoils of Maraud [Contested]
Encounters have been reduced in level.

Ossuary of Malevolence
Primordial Altar has been tuned to solo be friendly.

Skrit’s daily mission to make pickles now has a different name from the earlier quest to make pickles.
The guildhall gatherers, pack pony, and artisan’s goblin have now been trained to harvest the new level of materials.
It is no longer possible to use Mass Production on tradeskill quest recipes in expansion 11.

Increased the number of "sapphire outblooms" available during the quest, "Hand to Mouth"
Grimlings should no longer be a valid target for the Entropic Retrogressor in the quest,"Free Your Mind."
Aillena Belzia should properly update "Pushing Ahead" regardless of quest states.
The grimling horde in "Artifacts and Grimlings" should be a bit gentler.
The pygmies ofSouth Dshinnnow speak their native language, Gymy. Seek out Lagni if find communication difficult with the pygmies far afield.
Shattered Seas: Journey to Zavith'loa - Can now be progressed in any version of "Zavith'loa: The Hidden Caldera".
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