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Saigner wrote:

Someone earlier in this thread mentioned that it's always the same core group of folks that manage to go to Fan Faire.  That is correct but I think one of the main reasons that is is because Sony keeps having the durn thing in the same location.  I mean look at it this way, if someone can't make it to one location one year how would anyone expect it may be different for any year after that.  By switching the location around to lend a little variety you still will get the main core of folks because those are the folks who are going to go NO MATTER where it is and also allow some folks the opportunity to go to an event that they otherwise probably will only be able to attend sporadically.  Also if we are trying to satisfy the main group of folks who will always go, then that is frankly a little sad because that core is not the only folks who play this game.

This is just my 2cp so flame away all you want.  Move the event around and more folks will attend overall thru that process.

You are quite mistaken. I have been to Las Vegas, Chicago, Orlando, Baltimore and Atlanta, and They have also been held in Boston, SanFransisco, Minneapolis, San Diego and several other cities...And yes, the core people DO travel all around to these locations to attend. The only SAD fact is that they have reduced the number of Fan Faires from 2 to one a year making it hard for a lot of people who would like to attend to do so.
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