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Having recently come back to the game it's a bit worrying to see that nothing has changed in all this time. How hard can it be to fix ?The problem for Rangers is simple, buying arrows costs way too much money to be practical and that's even if you ignore the "other classes don't have to spend money to DPS" debate. You simply can't run a Ranger using the "proper" arrows and have sufficient cash left to buy the other items in game e.g. horses, houses, armor, spells etc. OK, maybe 1 or 2 can,  but for 90% of Rangers this *is* a problem.The problem for Woodworkers is equally simple. There is no market for their arrows. Anyone using arrows to pull mobs can use cheap tin arrows. Those who actually need the good arrows can either buy them from a broker for much the same price, or has their own WW alt. The fact that making arrows takes so long means that it's pointless for WWs to even bother, it's just not a efficient use of their time.So, to solve the problem for Rangers, you need to make their arrows as free or cheap as possible, but this doesn't help the Woodworkers. So, a compromise is needed.How about:1. Treble the amount of gathered arrows from Ranger spell. It will help Rangers a lot, but won't totally solve the issue for them.2. Increase Woodworker combines to 25/50/75/100 when making arrows. A "pristine" combine gives 100 arrows. I think it's essential that the combine increases are made because it's so slow making arrows at the moment, even if there was a huge demand for them it would be impossible to fill. If the devs really want to stop the pain, increase them to 50/75/100/150, that would be ideal. 3. Increase arrow stack to 500 rather then 99.4. Ensure arrows from vendor are priced at 2x the average cost of a player made arrow. It's probably easist just to reduce the fuel requirement for arrows from 4 sandpaper to 1.The effect of this will be:1. To reduce the pain to Rangers (there will still be some, so don't worry we'll still be suffering like you intend).2. Woodworkers will not have to spend days making arrows that are used by just 1 player in a couple of hours. 3. Rangers can keep a large number of arrows in their quiver (not ideal from a "reality" perspective but endless quivers are not WW friendly)4. Players can still buy arrows from vendors if they like, but player made arrows would be cheaper and better.I personally can't see any downside to these changes, it just needs a bit of effort on SOEs part to implement them. Oh, and don't forget to update the various Writs that need arrows making. Generally they are after 75 arrows, so just change them to 3 x whatever the new pristine combine value is and problem solved.Edit to add: Making the arrows for just 1 player to use for just 1 day is enough to level my WW one whole level even without vitality. You going to tell me that's working as intended ? Actually I should shut up, they'll probably nerf arrow XP down to zero.

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