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Welp.  They've given you what you need to write one pretty much.    I'm somewhat certain some of you have access to both platforms.

The App is straightforward in structure and can be broken down into 5 parts.

1) A list of the schedule of events (with a means for you to check what your going to) broken down several ways,  everything, by game, or by Subject.

2) A map, which consists of a flat image that doesn't seem to do anything when tapped upon, doesn't pinch, zoom or scroll.

3) News, which is either a twitter feed or an RSS feed.

4) Dining, which is a scrolling linked list of restaurants and their various details, sorted by price.

and finally 5) Travel, which is a flat text file with details about how to get there.

All this brouhaha fussing over them doing an iPhone app vs. an Android app is bogus.   Someone there did this for side fun because they were curious and wanted to help.   He probably didn't do an Android app because he didn't have one... or only had time to do a single app.      Marketshare concerns, etc most likely didn't enter into it.   Its not a new product..   Its a bloody leaflet for the convention rendered as an app.      Chill dude, or write your own.

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