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Not sure why the Fan Faire App Announcement is locked, but I wanted to point out that a few of us Android users (I'm a Nexus One user, FYI... Droid refers to a specific line of phones (Droid, Eris, Incredible, Droid X) and is a trademark owned by LucasFilm, ltd.. and used by Verizon under license... sorry to be a stickler about that).

Writing an app is simple. The thing is, we only have the schedule and vague information on the website which is subject to change.

Also, as suggested earlier... it would be much easier if a public calendar was created with the schedule of events. I'm sure it would be much appreciated by those without a smartphone, or for those that want to write an application for another platform, or for someone that wants to import the events into their native calendar application (computer of phone).

It sounds like the data for the iPhone application is embedded in the application (hence the need to download the updated via iTunes). By using a public calendar, anything that consumes that data will get the updates on their devices, yet still have a downloaded copy if they don't have service. At every single Fan Faire I've attended, there have been cancelled and/or rescheduled sessions.

When several people offer to help but get no further guidance, is it any wonder that nobody steps forward? I highly doubt any developer to take the time to transcribe the schedule from the webpage when its subject to change, unless they have A LOT of free time on their hands. If you make your data available in an open and freely consumable format, then people are more likely to build interesting things on top of it.

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