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I PM'd Cronyn and GNina about this. Got a response from Cronyn to my PM, he said he couldn't sticky this thread as important, but he'd ask if it could be at todays meeting.

As to actual comments on the issues raised, no response from either, but hopefully it will be raised at the meeting.

Agreed as the PQ stands it is very dangerous to any newbies, at least the CL one is further away, and you are sent there for only 1 quest below level 20. And at least you can get to the quest mobs needed without being aggroed by the PQ mobs.

The range for the Antonica PQ mobs is frightening. and they seem to be worse the lower the players level is, the range for my 20 coercer sounds shorter than the mostly recently reported ranges. She didn't have to go all the way to the gates, or all teh way to Sayers, but she was well away from fields when her gnolls turned back, but the elites on step 2 have a much larger aggro range.

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