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Yes, the avatar on Brewday, the race events for Erollisi and Frostfell, those are the ones that spring to my mind straight away.

The aggro on the mobs is so high, the gnoll elites on step 2 chased my level 20 coercer almost all the way to North Qeynos gates yesterday, and then as far on the other side a little later. Had to sneak in, pull my mob, and then run away with gnolls and my mob chasing me, until gnolls gave up, then kill my mob. I was doing the mites and screcrows. And then got aggroed by mobs trying to turn the quests in.

My coercer is level 20 with 78 AA, and lower level chars would have no chance.

With farmer Walcott in the area, also the quest to retrieve the book from the tree, and the bandits, that is right in the centre of the PQ.

I understand they want the PQ close to Qeynos, but can't they put some fields and the PQ on the other side of the road, south of the existing fields, that area isn't used at all, and wouldn't be close to any existing quests or live events.

Just sent a PM to Gninja on this, hope that helps. Have mentioned it to Cronyn when he was on test server last week as well. No response so far, but did pointout to GNinja that leaving gthe PQ as is will mean rejigging of races on Live Events later, perhaps that will help, lol.

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