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Ran the three required zones today and 5 people got the unlock achievement and one did not. All six members were present for all 3 zones. The one that didn't get the achievement had previously completed 1 of the heroic zones prior to the achievement being available. Our current assumption is that this is the reason he did not get it.

If it is due to having previously cleared the zone this will prevent over a group of our raiders from being able to get the unlock achievement and may prevent us from hitting the 75% mark.

Speaking of the 75% flag requirement we attempted to zone in with the six that completed the zones today. We were unable to until the one that didn't get the achievement dropped.

We had two that had not completed the sig quest quite yet so we had them drop, and tried to go in with 4 (3 with unlock achievement and 1 without), but we were still unable to enter until the one without the achievement dropped.

The zones were all fresh zones.
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