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I kind of like it in Vegas.  There is so much more to do outside of the days of the FF if you come early or leave late.  They have most, if not all of the technical bugs ironed out from having it in the same locateion rpeatedly as well.  Its also in driving distance of the San Diego office so it saves SoE money (its not cheap to ship all that equipment and personel).

Not to mention taht it is cheaper to fly to Vegas than just about anywhere else in the country.  People always want things close to them so they don't have to fly, they all want to drive which is nice, but then you run into other problems.  Here in NY the main issue would be hotels.  I live in a crappy no name town in central NY and hotel rooms here are more than double a night what the ones in vegas are.  Closer to the city or anywhere that would have a convention center large enough to hold the Fan Faire, you are looking at three to four times the cost per night that Bally's is.  Food in vegas is expensive, but unless it ends up being in your hometown, or you have a friend to stay with locally, it ends up cheaper in the long run staying where it is for everyone.

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