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Since this seems to come up every year many times, and people never seem to be able to find them easily, perhaps this thread could be stickied?

Here is a list of all the past Fan Faires, their locations, and the dates that they were held.  I do not have included the original gatherings that were the pre-coursor to the Fan Faire.  They were not SoE/Verant organized, though Cindy Bowens did get some developer / CS representitives to them.  If anyone has the information on these early EQ gatherings, it would be great if you could share them.   I believe the first "Everquest the Gathering" was in the san diego area or maybe LA, and the second was March 4th 2000 in St Louis.  I dont remember if there was a 3rd before the first Fan Faire.

here is the list.

====== Everquest Gathering (player organized, with SOE representatives) =======

San Diego California, ??? date.

St Louis Misouri, March 4th 2000

====== Fan Faire =======

Las Vegas Nevada, November 4-5 2000

Baltimore Maryland, February 3-4 2001

San Diego California, April 6-7 2001

Minneapolis Minnesota, June 15 -16 2001

Attempted but never held, Pairs France, September 15-16 2001  Cancled due to lack of European intrest in attending.

Orlando Florida, October 19-20 2001

Dallas Texas, January 25-26 2002

Seattle Washington, April 19-20 2002

Boston Massachusetts,  August 2-3 2002

San Francisco California, November 8-9 2002

Las Vegas Nevada, March 28-30 2003

Chicago Illinois, September 26-28 2003

Las Vegas Nevada, April 1-4 2004

New Orleans Louisiana, October 27-30 2004

Las Vegas Nevada, June 9-11 2005

Atlanta Georgia, April 6-8 2006

Las Vegas Nevada, August 2-5 2007

Las Vegas Nevada, August 14-16 2008

Las Vegas Nevada, June 25-28 2009

Las Vegas Nevada, August 5-8 2010

Las Vegas Nevada, July 7-10 2011

====== SOE Live =====

(Announced) Las Vegas Nevada, October 18-21 2012  (1st SOE Live)

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