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macStuibhart wrote:

[email protected] wrote:

 Let's be honest: Crafters are not keeping this game running. I'm not saying we don't deserve more, but some things need more priority.

While what you say is true, crafters are not the driving factor in the game but I ask you to consider how many people would stick around if the crafters left because they don't craft and the items they need/want would become extremely scarce or extremely expensive with the few people left being able to dictate the economy.

That wouldn't necessarily happen, especially with how easy it is to raise crafting. I've seen people raise up 9 crafters, when a few years ago, they were saying "Never in a million years". In addition, I don't think everyone is all that sensitive on the issue. They're just happy to see the changes coming through that would give them more time to do other things, like adventure.

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