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Mermut wrote:

And if adventurers just got new prestige points and 3 levels but no new overland zones, instances, raids, gear and quests, they'd have no right to complain because they're getting new stuff?

Crafters aren't asking for as much content as adventurers get. Sure, crafters would love it, but we don't expect it or even ask for it. Granted the new prestige is interesting and potentially useful, but it's features, not content. There is nothing new for crafters to 'do' in the expansions. Just new tools to do exactly the same things as before. That is the heart of the comments, in my opinion.

No one's denying anyone the right to complain. Some complaints are just a bit unreasonable or absurd, like that comparison of adventurers getting nothing but 3 levels and prestige points. Let's be honest: Crafters are not keeping this game running. I'm not saying we don't deserve more, but some things need more priority. It sounds like they want to get more into the game, but they can't. Maybe somewhere in the next few updates we'll see some new storyline questing for tradeskills. I can't say I'm in any rush to see that as it can be a drag repeating the same story for 9 crafters. The storylines only go so far and then you're done. Then you go right back to the crafting.

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