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To be honest, I feel as if crafting has been forgotten.  The redheaded stepchild left in the corner with the occasional tidbits from the table where everyone else is eating a full course delicious meal.

Not asked if they would like a piece of this or that, not asked if they'd like a drink, not asked if they'd like anything.  And when they do ask, they're met with silence until noticed, and that silence can last awhile.

Okay, so maybe I'm being unreasonable...but this is how it feels.

I fully understand the devs are up to their ears about CoE, I truly do.  But why were the crafters forgotten this time around?  Why no questlines?  Why must we gain our books from adventurers either by trade or on broker?  Why must we gain the books ourselves in the field if we can adventure our crafter toons?  Why this sudden fall back to how it was around launch?

I was really looking forward to running the new questlines, even though I have 12 crafters.  I really like them.  They give a bit of lore to the crafters.  Such as what happened in Thurgadin with the Cryomancers years ago.  If you adventure, you learn a bit, if you craft, you learn a bit more, and if you're a hybrid, the whole story comes together.  I loved that!  Same for the Butcherblock questline.  You repair the book that was taken by the aquagoblins and rescued by the adventurers.  You make the special arrows for the Teir Dal archer.

Is it now just nothing but bare bones now that we no longer have a dedicated tradeskill dev?  I hope not, but to be honest, it appears so.

I'm a bit grumpy about not having quests to work on, especially newer rush orders, but I don't see how you can say crafters have been forgotten. Things like rush orders may have been put in a lower priority spot, but we're getting some major changes to the actual crafting system. They're easily some of the biggest changes we've seen in a very long time. We finally see a true separation between adventurers and crafters on the skill point window and we're somehow forgotten... okay :p

As far as recipe books go, they did move the regular books onto vendors. (see: Friday 11/2 patch notes)

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