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Firiona Vie – A harrowing experience

The static Orafic shrillmaw around the portal (-476.25, 15.31, 83.74 ) are not updating the quest but the one spawning in the middle of the portal is.

Galen Cadabrak – Constructing Cardin Wardens

The guardian stones don't show as quest baubbles in the quest helper. The point where we can drop them is too small. You have to walk back and forth a couple of notches to find the excat right spot. It's a bit of a pain.

Galen Cadabrak – Out of the Fire…

It wasn't really clear the the "Incantory Apex" is outside of Somborn and should be mentionned (-77.90, 43.44, -222.46 ). The ferns are along the way.

Fern at -170.86, 33.74, -121.35 dropped it's pod just below the earth, I only see the top of the particles and can't gather it.

French Tradeskill Guide and my houses.

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