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It's time to go back to Live, or Test, or to catch up with IRL...

I wanted to thank you for this beta.

Thanks to Gninja, Cronyn, Kaitheel, Fyreflyte and Zoltaroth who all did a very good job at unbugging stuff and helping us testing. Thanks to all the Devs who worked hard for this expansion.

Thanks to all the members of Heroes of Test who are always very helpfull.

Special thanks to Niami for her wlakthroughs which always help me a lot in writing my own.

It's with a sad heart that I hang my Testing gear for the last time. I'll miss you all.

And don't forget! Devs are Yummy!

If you have a problem with what a dev is doing, don't grab pitchfork and torches! Don't grab tar and feathers! Don't grab voodoo dolls and rusty pins! No! Grab a frying pan, a saucepan, garlic, parsley, spices, beer, butter, olive oil, and everything needed to cook your devs. Much more efficient. And at least you won't loose the meat!

And of course... do not forget to raise them a nice memorial afterwards!

Farewell, have fun and may Norrath always bring you joy.

French Tradeskill Guide and my houses.

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