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feldon30 wrote:

There was a plan under a different Sr Producer and different Lead Designer to add guild halls specific to the zone, like Halas, Gorowyn, Faydwer, etc. But the long and the short of it is, Guild Halls already work extremely well, one of the most polished features of EQ2, so attention has been directed elsewhere at things that need the most work. So basically once everything else in EQ2 is sorted, then they'll work on more Guild Hall designs. I would have loved a Halas guild hall, but I'm not counting on it.

The long and short of it's that there'll never be a perfect time.

The more that developers judge these kinds of things to be less important then the less we'll see of them and, you know, what's out of sight tends to be out of mind. You know that quote from the 1989 movie "Build it and they will come."? That's not always true, but in some cases it's the make or break. Not everything is preordained, some things depend a lot more strictly on WHAT HAPPENS and dynamically alter themselves to fit those set of circumstances.

What I'm saying is that not everything is predictable. Humans aren't just numbers.

If we always only depended on what we know or expect, we'd still live in caves. Risk is part of life. Many people have lived and died solely on their passions. Sometimes a mistake is your saving grace. We don't know everything.

"Get up and feel the freedom, stay down and feel the tyranny."
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