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Anychance of getting some new ones that are either based on what city they are in such as  Goro theme, Ner theme, New Halas theme or Kel theme.  Also some of the new housing such as the Researchers Sanctum would be great for a GH if possable.  I know some of the arguments that making SC housing avail for GH is that if the leader decides to kick everyone who gets what and all that ( if the guild leader did not pay for the hall with his or her SC that is ).  There are a bunch of Family guilds out there though that a SC option would work for though for a GH.

On anouther note would it be possable to have an Account house that you could put some of the GH Amenities in.  I know that personaly I have all my Research Assistance in one house I also have the tinker depot in there.  However if I wish to do TS writs I need to either zone to the hall to grab a writ or use one of the summon spells that last for 30 min.  I would rather just pay a fee in status and plat to have the writ guy in the house though along with a full size depot and the gathers and fuel merch.

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