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To make it clearer:

I kill a mob with no vitality and get 1000XP.

If I have vitality I will get 2000XP for killing the same mob.

With the bonus XP turned on (and with vitality) I will get 3000XP for killing the same mob.

True double XP would give me 2000XP for the mob without vitality and 4000XP for the mob with vitality.

This is in no way "double XP", as I said earlier you'll get 50% more XP for the kill during the bonus weekend, e.g. 2000XP becomes 3000XP.

From what i've experienced in the past, "Double XP" is Double what you would have recieved noramlly. In Plain terms...

Mob is worth 1000xp so running all the bonuses it would give you:

1000xp normal

+1000xp vitality

+1000xp Account bonuses (assuming you have 5 level 90's)

+1100xp potion

+2000xp RAF for a total of 6100xp

DOUBLE XP would make that number 12200xp as it is a multiplier that kicks in after all of the others and does not multiply the bonuses.. just the total.

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