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Other Quests

Cardin Quests


Anton the mad – Mad Crown’s Quest

Anton the mad – Taming of the Tuatara

Clicky jar at -413.34, 14.95, 42.46 – Bandit Busters



Incantatory Apex Quests


Damion Trebatius – Arcane Repercussions Unknown

Damion Trebatius – Test with Ether Essence


Naisha Vallinasis – Soiled Soil (need to click the pot at -68.60, 44.33, -222.95 )


Galen Cadabrak – Cadabrak’s Crippling Concoction



Sanctuary of the Devoted quests


Blackhowl – Rise of the Lujien Blackhowl – Offering for DrinalBlackhowl – Death to the Horde!


Clickable statue at 282.61, 94.57, 78.71 after finishing Blackhowl quests – An Unfinished Relic

Clickable Altar (280.43, 94.45, 83.62 ) – Drinal’s Altar: Destruction of the Horde

Clickable Altar (280.43, 94.45, 83.62 ) – Drinal’s Altar: Death to the Horde



Whittled Woodlot


Dalyana Pinecrest – Even the Score


Jenni Everling – Chock Full of Rocks

Jenni Everling – Evercursed


Scuttles – Hungry Little Guy

Scuttles – One Hungry Bug (18h later?)

Jenni Everling – Jenni's Staine Pants

Scuttles – Dreary Dating Game


Bloo the exiled (need to do Ghostly Corrosion first) – Soul Provider



An animated Gehein hand - Gehein Conglomeration

A horde key – The Harrowing hoard

A poisonous Lujien fang – A Lujien Fang

A rusty metal bowl (obol ooze) – Ghostly Corrosion

French Tradeskill Guide and my houses.

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