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I'm putting below the list of quests in Obol Plains, if somebody gets lost ;p

Obol Plains Quests




Entrance and Cardin


Drinal’s Steward - Shades of Drinal : Cardin protection

Firiona Vie – A harrowing experience


Furtog Ogrebane – Ethereal Material

Furtog Ogrebane – Thugs on a Plain

Furtog Ogrebane – Gate Crashers!


Galen Cadabrak – Constructing Cardin Wardens

Galen Cadabrak – Signs of Tourbillion Troubles

Galen Cadabrak – Out of the Fire…


Firiona Vie – A Trusted Witness


Drinal’s Steward - Shades of Drinal : Incantatory Corruption



Incantatory Apex


Tal’il Amhenti – Saving Apprentice Prophar

Tal’il Amhenti – Gehein Some, Loose Some

Tal’il Amhenti – Soldiers in the Ether

Tal’il Amhenti – Tourbillion Interruption


K’Rin Valdim – Valdim’s Grand Plan

K’Rin Valdim – Desired Siphon Components

K’Rin Valdim – Well Worth the Troubles (Nita is at -387.19, -8.04, -249.74)





Drinal’s Steward - Shades of Drinal : Devoted Knowledge



Sanctuary of the Devoted


Venox Tarkog – Convenient Conversion

Venox Tarkog – Religious Studies


Deema Mertshak – Mertshak’s Search for a Bite Deema Mertshak – Lujien, not Lycan


Duskrender – Ascension of a God

Duskrender – Ascension Assistance


Deema Mertshak – Littlepaw’s Knowledge

Venox Tarkog – Search of Scales



Incantatory Apex


Tal’il Amhenti – Connecting Ether Threads (unlocks spires to Obol Plains)





Drinal’s Steward - Shades of Drinal: Dashed Upon the Shore


Whittled Woodlot


Wegadas – Wegadas’s Woven Knowledge

Wegadas – A Jagged Branch

Wegadas – Ethershade Parley

Wegadas – Augur Aggression

Wegadas – Druidic Cleansing

Wegadas – Rooted in Growth


Madyl D’Lareth – Unkempt Desires

Madyl D’Lareth – Spiritual Guidance

Madyl D’Lareth – Dreary Coast Guard


Clickable small journal (-18.74, -3.67, 544.60 ) – The Writings of an Unkempt Druid


(at some point the druid ring unlocks)



Drinal’s Steward - Shades of Drinal: Dreadcutter at World’s End

Drinal’s Steward - Shades of Drinal: Fate’s Crusade (unlocks Harrow’s End: The Deathtoll Tower, fabled cape, title “Mortal Champion”)

French Tradeskill Guide and my houses.

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