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Soresha wrote:

It's a nice little zone.  And I love Venekor! He might just be my favourite EQ2 dragon to date. Anyway...

1. I would suggest adding some feedback on what destroying the 2 statues is for, because I'm still not totally sure. I think it makes Sarinich killable?

2. Sarinich can't be leashed. I engaged him when he was unkillable, had to abort. Ran all the way back to the zone in/out door and he just wouldn't leash at all.

Yes you are correct..  I had destroyed the one, but not the other.. however after destroying the second one, I was easily able to kill Sarinich.. 

I love this zone, is way nice.. After figureout how to kill Sarinich I'm having fun in it.. King monkey was not bad to kill..  Love it..

And I like the reward after killing the dragon "Venekor" at the end..


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