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I betabuffed today and discovered how EASY this quest is with actual masters and maxxed aa and much much better gear than I was wearing from Live. So my previous attempts as my ordinary self were pretty darn good, given my armour and adept III spells  (part previous tier) & non maxed AA don't come close to the buffed stuff.  Unfortunately, on live I won't have buffed spells and gear which which does an incredible difference to dps and time spent killing on this quest, which is why I'll have to recopy my character for a more accurate idea of how things are, for those of us who will be tackling this stuff on live with below par gear/spells/aa.

A lot of mobs are pathing in the hill lately, the 93^Tirun Soulbreakers are also pathing through the scout patch (mostly underground) too which they weren't before but that may be intended.

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