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Well he definitely should not be attacking mercs O.o That's a bad, bad scout!

I just retested this quest, and it's much harder than initially intended. A lot of that population was not there when I first created it. I'll try lowering his aggro range a little and see if that helps, as he does seem to be going out of his way to attack anything and everything along the way. As Majrie mentioned, clearing the path for him will also help.

He shouldn't be stealable at all, since hailing is disabled once he starts running. Each player that speaks to the "lying-down" version of him should get their own copy to escort (which is what caused the confusion in having to hail him a second time). I could just make it so that there is only 1 copy of him, but I hate clogging people up on main questlines like that. I'll see if I can't resolve some of these issues first.

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