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I'm finding this quest difficult, I'm determined to do it however though I am on my 5th or 6th attempt now.  Leave the 3rd scout (Mortimer) who is hidden between trees until last.  Hail him twice after killing the Orafic Shriekglom sucking him dry.  (If you look for those Shriekgloms with the purple line going down you will see the scouts).

Scout Mortimer is very naughty and causing me a lot of trouble.  I think another player came and hailed him when I killed the Shriekglom and then I was locked out of Mortimers battles though I am sure he was initially with me.  He also started attacking my Paladin Mercenary, and sometimes he runs about a lot so fast I can't tell where that pesky scout has gone, so for one reason or another I keep running out of time not far from the camp.  I'm going to spank that Dark Elfs behind when he's healed up, I swear!

*edit* I give up. Can't do it. Scout attacks everything that moves and some that don't.

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