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Allright, second time through zone, was waiting for portal behind Phobis to be opened before I reported anything.  First off, I am a 92 wizard, full AA, mix of Doz head gear, ST jewelry and then instance stuff to fill in gaps.  I ran this zone with the Archon Construct (Skyshrine healer merc).  Some of these things are known, I am sure.

-Baroddas hit box = huge.  Can aggro with aoe's from below. Then all the shiverbacks attack. 

-Second time I aggro Baroddas, I got stuck in combat but did not get any shiverbacks attacking me. So I just ran around and killed all the shiverbacks and then killed Baroddas.

-Door behind Phobis works! Yay!

-Looted shiney "Banner of Steamfont". This shiny has no description in the examine window and I could not add to a collection quest.

-Only loot was on the eyeballs and that was body loot.  None of the other mobs even offered me body loot. And nameds have no loot (which I believe is to be expected at the moment?)

-Venekor.  Very nice dragon, looks good.  But for a double up, he is a wimp.  He died faster than Baroddas did.  Maybe a slight adjustment on him.  

Fun zone!

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