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serious? I never noticed the 10-minute timer associated with it. No matter why and for how long that is in game but that is just plain wrong to shut a player out of the game just because. The shards in the chest are pretty much useless anyway today and the 3-4 Plat for a solo player who can run those instances alone are pretty much nothing compared of what you can get in PR or SoH.

Maybe the 10-minte timer really didn't matter before since the keymob just was unkilleable for you and you died within a shorter period of time but now you survive and can break the encounter but that timer stays with you. I haven't tried to zone out though but if that stays with you while zoning than I would be really ticked off.

And yes, you can one shot those keymobs and you will never see that curse but that is really not the point. Neither is that it is a group-zone. Than it just shouldn't let you in as a solo. Whoever developed that should get a rl curse that whenever he does something illegal while driving his car shuts down for 10 minutes.

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