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Is this a new curse for the keymobs in shard chest instances that give you a 10-minute timer on changing targets effectively giving you a 10-minute break from the game if you don't pay attention to the keymob? 

I was doing Guk:Lower Corridors, solo w/o merc, to finish an old open quest in there, didn't pay much attention to the keymob and found myself with an uncureable(not sure if it is really uncureable) detrimental, possibly called "Ordinance", that didn't allow me for 10 minutes to take anything into target. Nothing wrong with having the keymobs not killeable by a solo-player in a group-instance but effectively shutting me out of the game for 10 minutes rubs me the wrong way.

I don't have enough time to play as is and instead of running sky4 and ST blindlessly for hours I just like to do old instances to finish quests, collect shinies for twinks and sometimes the odd gear for a twink. A 10-minute timeout didn't really work for me in school, and now in the game? What is next? You've got to sit in a corner with a donkey hat on?

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