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nVidia Quadro FX-580 using latest WHQL drivers 305.93 (Aug 28, 2012), Win-7 64-bit Quad-Core.

Only zone in the game that does this, went walking past the main entrance to ST (the new zone in EW), just past the first 3 golems, my screen flashes, poop/garbage goes across screeen, unable to move, and eventually task-manage kill... Relogin, if I move, same deal, have to COV, or COH to someone or call to guild... Once past (up the steps in first room), graphics are fine.

Went into windowed mode, and I can see a message (nVidia kernel driver has crashes, and "recovered"...over and over).

There's no diagnostic log to give...but it's consistent.  The machine is an HP Z400 Xeon.

I also tried on "extreme performance" (reducing additional rendering, etc..)  No difference.

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