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With all the voice overs, you cant deny the opening cinematic boat scene and starter island will draw you into the game far more than any of the current bland starting areas. While teaching you the basics of the game better than current starting zones. With better music, tons of voice overs, and overall deeper, more immersive ambiance, its a wonder why this still isn't in the game.

Even if its 2012, bring back the beginning boat sequence and starter island. A far more epic intro into the world of Norrath!!!

Don't give me the boo-hoo lore doesn't make sense excuse, what do you think happens when you start in Frostfang or Tim Deep? You washed up on shore from the ocean. Apparently there is still people out there, send back the Far Seas Trading Company to save them!

As for the quest rewards, it can't be that difficult to run your Auto Reitemize Bot2000 program to upgrade them can it? (in all reality, they don't need upgraded)


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