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Mermut wrote:

The customer has the mats and is intending to effectively trade the materials for the item they are crafted out of. Yes, the mats are theirs, but they're intending, expecting, to 'lose' the mats in exchange for the item crafted.

The crafter has spent time and effort (I have no interest in getting into the debate about the relative merits/difficulty of tradeskill vs adventure leveling) to have a chance to NOT use the materials when crafting. It is the crafter's time/effort that makes it possible for the the results of crafting to be the crafted item AND it's components, rather then just the crafted item. The customer only expects the crafted item... that's what they're looking for.

I couldn't have put it better myself. this is not about greed this is about a mechanic that is intended to grant a bonus to the crafter that is being given to the customer who doesnt even need the aa to get the bonus. if ppl want bonus mats then they should craft their own items with the AA.

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