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gatrm wrote:

I haven't played troub though so can't give you much more details than that.  Once you  get to max level you probably won't have a problem getting a group, but there are a LOT of dirges out there, so take that into consideration depending on the population on your server.

FWIW, I play a Troub who betrayed to Dirge to test it out about 2 expansions ago, and then switched back to Troub shortly after that.  Both Troub and Dirge solo well, but I'd say Troub have a distinct advantage vs. heroics.  With Mez, you can call a time-out at any point and let your HP/mana regen songs bring you back up to par while keeping the enemy frozen at whatever health you left them off at.  Recycling your big hits, then mezzing, there's really no heroic you can't tackle, unless it's a boss-level heroic.  It just takes a bit of time.

But as mentioned above, for solo content there's not much a Dirge or Trouby can't tackle.  And for groups/raiding they are both very wanted classes.

Try it out, and if you don't like it, try something else.  Simple as that, really SMILEY

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