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I"m afraid he is or it is hooked to the trade-skill quest line although my friend who has 10k faction with deepforge founders is further along in the tradeskill questline Saharla having just picked it up. here is what i did to unbork her, I beta buffed saharla to 100 weaponsmith got 10k faction with deepforge founders and having gotten the mail accepted the trade-skill quest went to check on toadwart and was able to see him and his feather I then had Oliver unbuff my 10k faction and still see him. Saharla is an Iskar SK. if this helps. My other character who i'm running this with Alenna copied from Halls_of_Fate was also on the questline and had about 6000 faction with deepforge founders. if I recall when she found toadwart and got his quest.
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