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Ok, I'm stuck...

Here are 2 pics of what I see on my puter screen.

Quest says I must get map and the 2 keys from sleepers tomb. but I do not see the name of the zone the quest says to go to and I'm solo'n it.. nothing but heroic 3^'s and raid..

Says "contested"

You can see nothing here about "contested"  not that I think it is where a solo'r should be going anyway.. hahahaha


Ok, edit... have found two problems...  one is the dragon that you are to speak to is really parked at the wrong zone portal, instead of being at the top portal, she should really be at the bottom one in the pit as that is the door with the "contested" choice on it.  Also "contested is way, way to hard for a solo'r, I mean come on. lvl 101 3^'s?  really? for a solo'r doing this quest?  There are no other selections unless it is the forgotten catacombs advanced solo that is supposed to be the selection..


Also note that I started this at almost lvl 93, though I'm am now lvl 93 and I can "not" kill the pyre; keep of flames mob.   I've now tried more ways than I can count and at my current lvl of 93 it is a no go.. hahahaha.. ggrrr

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