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Ziqua swallowed “S-Sylvie t-took m-me to g-get b-breakfast.” she managed.

Maheera walked behind her partner and lowered her head in an attempt to push the Kerra towards the chair.

Telsi sighed “We'll meet y'all at the temple.” she said to Vhyrenia.

Tygarr continued changing his tone to one of mourning “I took my niece in after the dreadful fires in Kelethin killed my sister. Then that foul Iksar came and kidnapped her. It's been months since I saw her. I've been so worried. I just want to take her home.”

“He'sss not telling the entire truth,” Mordedana said from the corner.

“You button it lizard,” you know nothing “How dare you accuse me of lying?”

Calish laughed “You have no idea who she is do you? That is Mordedana Ariesez, or as we knew her in Neriak, the Iksar Lie Detector. She can tell someones lying just by looking at them or listening to them. Now imagine someone like that following the Truthbringer?”

Tygarr started to open his mouth.

Mordedana shook her head “Don't even bother.” she said “And for the record... I have left the name Ariesez behind me. Legally my surname isss Shadowlight.”

Mazsra sighed “I'm a bit old... I might need some help.”


Senri blinked as her mind began to clear. “I'm so sorry,” she whispered “In the past year it's gotten worse... maybe with Alyerra home they'll lessen... maybe.”

Calarys lowered her own voice and spoke in Ratongan “He is rights you knows,” she turned and walked out the door to comfort the young Ratonga.

Tetri remained silent.

“That's its?” Limberger asked folding his arms “That's borings.”

“Theres mores,” Fayberry said “Rights?”

Canty carried the infant over to listen to the story.

Zach watched the crying Ratonga female run past them. “Something's wrong with Aly?” he asked “More than the um undead condition?”


Aly began to play a melancholy song on her guitar. She relaxed as she vented through the music.

Kyriu sighed “That is the same guitar Mama made you isn't it?”

“Yeah,” Aly answered while continuing to play.

“Senri must have spent a lot of money to restore it.”

Aly made no response but continued playing.

“I wish I knew how to make instruments.”

“Ky... you're tone death.” Aly responded.

“I am not!” Kyriu retorted.

Alyerra smiled “Rhythm you are great at, but tone quality... you're either tone death or just really bad. You need a good ear to make an instrument or it won't be in tune and if it's not in tune it sounds bad.”

Kyriu scowled.

Alyerra gave a small laugh exposing her fangs. She swallowed and quickly hid them as she continued playing. It worried her that the help seemed to be taking so long. She hoped Charlemin made it before the mages because the longer she waited the more she worried about further plots.


Xia accepted the hand and gracefully stepped down into the dinghy. She seemed a little more confident than the Tier'dal but not as confident as the Captain.


“I'm not sure,” Relane answered “Sometimes he works nights.” she sighed “Would you like to play a game now?” she placed the remainder of her meal into the soil of a potted plant.


Lazera continued walking. She stopped to wait for Lamia. She wasn't sure what she wanted to do first. “Do you mind hunting with me?” she asked.


Brienae still made no motion. Her mind continued to fight the coercer's influence.


Tari continued to fly until she reached the Druid ring. She stealthed herself and then took the shrubbery to Antonica. 

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