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Lamia nodded.

"The forest sounds good.." the Ratonga said softly. She frowned and sighed.

"You don't understand, Lazera.. It was my other personality that was the Necromancer.. Plus she's the one that hurt one of Tetri's cubs as well." she said rather seriously


Shiasia thanked the young teen and returned to her seat. She looked at Rothgut and Tetri with a mischievous look in her eyes.

"I think I spy lovebirds.." she teased with a wink.


Jhyiskitches followed after Zach slowly. He twiddled his thumbs.


Zulgahr blinked innocently and glanced at the Seargent

"What?!?! I didn't do anything! Sheesh!" he spat out. His hands wiggled behind his back as he channeled his spell. He began whispering an incantation under his breath. Done with said incantation, he then began speaking very quietly

"Brienae.. Wake up.. Get your father here out of these restraints.. The corrupted Seargent did this to me.." he said, using his Coercing magic to try and make Brienae see her father in the restraints instead of the Iksar.


Stinsmia yawned weakly and woke up slowly. She stretched her arms and shuddered. The first thing she felt was the cold metal collar that has tight around her neck. She tugged at it weakly, sighing.


Vhyrenia quirked her brow.

"It's none of my business to see what is troubling a child?" she asked with a rather irritated tone.

"Why don't you first calm yourself before shouting like a blithering idiot?" she said calmly. Her paw twitched and her tail lashed.

"I would think that if you were a real man, you'd be able to keep your temper under control.." she taunted slyly. She crossed her arms and a smirk came on her face as she merely stared at Tygarr.

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