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not just beta it needs to be live or take out the unneeded time gate to crafting leveling because "we want you to experience the zone". We will still be out there harvesting for the food rares and rare shards and foundations that have never been on the goblin or ponies. you don't need to take the common mats used in the writs away from us.

You are forcing us to harvest for hours due to the amount of mats (something that will not give us tradeskill xp) to use in the writs that are the only way to level till you get that quest line in. What if you had said to the adventurers sorry we do not have the quest line in and wont' till sometime after launch because it was not engaging enough but don't worry you can still use writs to level but because we want you to experience the zone you need to harvest ammo for hours on end in all the zones you would be going into all without getting any xp for exploration, killing mobs you might come across while harvesting etc..only the writs will give xp. what do you think the adventures would be saying? Well this is exactly what you telling the crafters.

Giving us the harvests from the ponies and guild harvesters will not be game breaking or stop us from experiencing the zones as has been pointed out above we will still go out to harvest for rares that the ponies won't bring back. Just let us do play the game the way we've been playing it since you put the guild harvesters ponies and goblins in. Please rethink this horrible unneeded time gate you have put in for leveling crafters.

I know you spent a lot of time on the art work for the zone but your failure to have a quest line in for crafters is not a reason to put an unneeded time gate to the leveling capability of the crafters; one you are not putting in for adventurers. We crafters are beginning to feel like crafting is nothing more then an after thought now.
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