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Remember also that you are weaker early into a new level than you are later on. At 20.6 you will have 3 additional points in all of your skills which may not seem like much but I've noticed a pretty big difference when soloing. Otherwise, make sure you have app3 for all your main combat arts and are using the level 100 poisons. But as someone else pointed out, 20 is just a tough level all around. At 22 I was soloing white and yellow griffawns in TS with little to no problem.Also, when you get into the later stages of level 21, go solo the named squire in Stromhold who is level 18+. He drops a steel forged chainmail coat which is very nice (don't have exact stats at the moment) If you go through the second door on the left in the main entrance hall he is down a set of stairs that opens into a single room. With the exception of the named mobs that spawn on the chessboard, the rest of the stuff in this area will be grey to you.
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