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Scouts in general are weaker soloers than other archetypes.One thing to point out, though -- 20 is a really crappy level for a soloist swashbuckler -- no big hit attacks and mobs get considerably tougher. Swathe does little to help soloing (though it's amazing at farming old grey quests, heheheh -- gather enough crap that can't hit you and you can crank out 1000 damage a hit for 25 power), since I find I can't really take on large groups of enemies, even if I kill them quickly through AE -- I just can't take the hits they all pile on me in the meantime.Shangai and flashy trick, however, are more helpful for single-target soloing. So see what it's like at 21, 22, or 24 -- should be better, I know I found it so.
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