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What would we use t10 adorning materials on? Making treasured t10 adornments for 95 gear? If adornments follow the set pattern your looking at 98 before you can use legendary adornments, and 100 before you can used fabled. Also if the pattern continues you'd rather use a t9 fabled instead of a treasured or legendary t10 adornment. I can see legendary t10 being better than t9 fabled, but its difficult to imagine the devs would choose to make treasured adornments better than the previous teir's fabled.

If the next set of essential's books gets introduced in the exact same manner as they did in Waking Lands what is the big deal? Sure it takes you a whole nights playtime (x9 for many people) to get through every quest, but it isn't like its difficult. Waiting 9 days to have every possible crafter set up with recipes isn't much. Heck, my crafters still haven't finished learning every skyshrine recipe and that took no effort at all. No grinding, easily obtained either directly from adventurers, getting it yourself or buying it from the broker. No way to speed up the process either. I'd much rather have something where I can control the progress with effort than just sit and wait.

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