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LOTS of things NEED to happen for crafting this expansion. For starters, it would be really nice to have t10 crafting writs. Also, would be nice if our tradeskill apprentice rewarded T10 componants, raws,rares etc. for level 90+ crafters.  Favor of Innovation needs to reward T10 rares for T10 crafters. Basic tradeskill recipe books need to be purchaseable from recipe salesman. I don't mind that advanced recipes are quested for, but the essential recipes should be able to be bought. Level 90+ treasured items and above need to be able to be transmutable into T10 components. We need new T10 tinkering recipes. Adding a daily tinkering mission like the adorning mission would also be nice.

In the tradeskill instances, Far Seas Innovation needs to reward T10 rares.

Please, for the love of the seven lords,, NO MORE FACTION GRINDS! These are NOT fun! They are boring wastes of time that result in whatever reward we are grinding faction for, to become obsolete by the time we get full faction, not to mention having to repeat the process over and over for those of us that have multiple crafters.

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