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Late last night or rather in the wee hours this morning, I was pressing forward on EoD: Face the Chaos. I got to Blazeanger and I er -- fell into the pit and had to revive. When I thought I had revived completely, I started to run back to face my nemesis once again and low and behold I found myself zoning out. When I zoned back in, I found many of the items I had collected that I would need to battle Lady Najena were no zone and were gone. I had to recollect them (ugh)..... Tired and frustrated, I pressed on. I can't remember if it was before or after I killed Blazeanger, but I managed to fall into that blasted pit a second time and when I started to move forward, once again I found myself zoning out and having to recollect the goodies for the skills I would need.........

First it would be nice if the items stayed in inventory as long as the quest is active. More importantly, revive points that are right in front of a zone in portal are really annoying. I am sure it is worse if one uses the mouse for movement but it would be nice to have the revive point not right at the zone in spot. The humor of getting booted from the zone for moving too rapidly after zoning is lost after it happens a few times.
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